Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Rotary air compressors are positive displacement compressors. The most common rotary air compressor is the single stage helical or curved lobe oil flooded screw air compressor. These compressors consist of two rotors within a casing where the rotors compress the air internally. There are no valves. The oil in these products generally seal the internal clearances and is cooled by air and water via the use of oil coolers. The machines functioning parts never heat up to high temperatures, as the cooling takes place right inside the compressor.

Product Description

Rotary screw air compressors are easy to keep up and operate. Capacity control for these compressors is proficient by variable speed and variable compressor displacement. In the latter control system, a slide valve is exists in the casting. The sliding valve opens when the compressor power capacity is decreases, by moving back apart of the compressed air back to vacuum. The rotary screw compressor offers various benefits, such as a durability, massive output volume, and smooth.

The oil free rotary screw air compressor utilizes specially designed air ends to compress air without oil in the compression chamber yielding true oil free air. Oil free rotary screw air compressors are available air cooled and water cooled and provides the same flexibility as oil flooded rotaries when oil free air is required.


Asymmetrical, 5 lobe 6 flutes rotor profile machined to the highest accuracy not only ensures reduced differential pressure between lobe and flute, but also assures lowest possible backflow. Adibatic efficiency is increased by 10912%. which translates into 25% energy saving as compared to the 4 lobel 6 flutes rotor profile.

High Precision Machining Equipments

Highly specialized, most advanced machining and control equipments enable rotor macining/grinding accurancy to 0.005mm, with roughness allowance (Ra) of 0.1~0.2 u m.ation and bending stress of the air-end.

Outstanding Design

Large in size , with low running rpm, Fusheng screw air-ends are more efficient and deliver more compressed air for the same driving power, Bearing design life can be assured by minimum vibration and bending stress of the air-end.

Intelligent Control System

  • Consumable Parts Operating Hour Display
  • Operating Conditions/Hour Display
  • Warning/Trip Single Display
  • Malfunction Recording
  • 16 Compressor unit interlock control capability(Option)
  • 1000 Control Unit functions/Capability