Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

Air Dryer

For operating the Refrigerated Air dryer required to remove moisture by cooling air nearby temperature. The only process is removing heat is known for producing cold. Heat is always attracted by the cold body. This is the basis for the function of a cooling unit. As long as the temperature of the cold body is lower than the hot source, there will be heat transfer.

The air entering the system enters into the pre-cooler. A pre-cooler is a heat exchanger where the incoming hot air is being cooled by the outgoing cold air so as to reduce the heat loads for the evaporator and thereby the refrigeration system. The air enters into the evaporator from the pre-cooler. In evaporator the cooling, after steaming refrigerant is heat is removed. The air with condensate enter into moisture separator device, and its moisture is get pulled out by centrifugal force. The air free from moisture enters the Pre-cooler to cool the incoming air and thereby some heat is added.

The refrigerant circuit consists of a Compressor, a Condenser, a Filter Dryer, an Expansion Valve or a Capillary Tube and an Evaporator.