Piston Air Compressor

What is a piston compressor?

In a cylinder, a piston gets back and forth. Air is pulled via an inlet valve during the intake stroke. As the air is compressed throughout the compression stroke, an outlet valve released more pressure through it. We are manufacturers and exporters of range of product such as 7TS Piston Air Compressor, 5TS Piston Air Compressor, 10TS Piston Air Compressor, 2SS Single Stage Piston Air Compressor, 3SS Single Stage Piston Air Compressor, 1SS Single Stage Piston Air Compressor.


  • Automatic pressure control
  • Portability
  • Safety valves
  • Versatility
  • Durability


  • Pneumatic tools: Nail guns, sandblasters, paint sprayers
  • Automotive: Tire inflation, air brakes
  • Food and beverage: Bottling, refrigeration
  • Medical: Dental equipment, nebulizers
  • Chemical processing: Reactors, fluid transfer, Wood Industry, PET
2SS Single Stage 3SS Single Stage 1SS Single Stage 7TS 5TS 10TS 3TS Two Stage
Brand GEM Air GEM Air GEM Air GEM Air GEM Air GEM Air GEM Air
2SS 3SS 1SS 7TS 5TS 10TS1 3TS
Maximum Flow Rate (CFM) 10.31 PD CFM/7.52 FAD CFM 14.85 PD CFM/10.70 FAD CFM 5.15 PD CFM/3.76 FAD CFM 26.25 PD CFM/19.70 FAD CFM 17.30 PD CFM/13.02 FAD CFM 37.80 PD CFM/30.00 FAD CFM 7.42 PD CFM/5.63 FAD CFM
Air Tank
100/150 L 100/150 L 60/100 L 250/300 L 200/250/300 L 250/300/500 L 150 L
Motor Power 2 HP 3 HP 1 HP 7.5 HP 5 HP 10 HP 2 HP
Speed 750 RPM 660 RPM 750 RPM 660 RPM 866 RPM 950 RPM 660 RPM
Pressure 125 Psig/8.75 kg/cm2 80 Psig/5.5 kg/cm2 125 Psig/8.75 kg/cm2 175 Psig/12.3 kg/cm2 175 Psig/12.3 kg/cm2 175 Psig/12.3 kg/cm2 175 Psig/12.3 kg/cm2
Cylinder - 3" & 3" x 2.75 2.75" - 4" & 2.5" x 2.75" - -